The Kruisfontein Emerging Cattle Farmers are a group of thirty five informal farmers jointly grazing their cattle on leased commonage ground. The individual members collaborated to form the Kruisfontein Emerging Cattle Farmers.


The Group collectively own approximately 800 cattle which are all grazing on the farm Swartenbosch, approximately 40km from Crossways Farm Village, which is owned by the Congregational Church of South Africa but under the custodianship of the Kouga Municipality.


The Village of Kruisfontein is made up of standard residential units as well as agrarian plots of approximately 1ha. These plots have access to water for irrigation and many of the inhabitants are involved in subsidiary or subsistence agriculture. The members of the Kruisfontein Emerging Cattle Farmers all live in this area and own cattle which are left to roam on the farm and kraaled at night.


The thirty five members of the Kruisfontein Emerging Cattle Farmers formalised their association as a company and jointly own in the region of 800 cattle. On inspection the herd is made up of predominantly mixed breed animals with some Nguni, Simbra, Bonsmara, Angus and Boran animals. The farmers pooled finances to fence of portions of the land themselves, this is valuable contribution and in addition to this all the cattle are kraaled at night to ensure safety.


The Kruisfontein herd offers the ideal opportunity to start with the development of the rural herds as the cattle are available and form part of a cognitive group which will assist with accelerated development in conjunction with the embryo centre at CFV.


The commercial herd of 800 cows will be utilised as follows:

  • Used as recipients for the embryos collected from the 40 pure bred cows;
  • Cows not impregnated by embryos will be bred to the 25 stud bulls;
  • The herd will gradually be replaced by the pure bred progeny from the stud herd;
  • Bulls and heifers of superior merit will be made available to other developing communities in the Eastern Cape.