Wonder Waters Trust Farmer Development Project

The Wonderwater Trust is a group of emerging farmers on the 1040 hectare farm, Pampoenlandrivier, situated to the south outside of Humansdorp. The farm is owned by the Department of Rural Development, but held in custodial trust by the Wonderwater Trust under the Departments Accelerated Land Acquisition Program.

The farm is underdeveloped and required certain infrastructural development to reach a viable state.

Their long term goal is to develop the entity into a commercial cattle stud with up to 180 commercial stud breeding cows. The farm required infrastructural development in terms of fencing and drinking water points for their livestock.

The overreaching goal for the Wonderwater Trust Farmers was to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector in the in the area. The training and mentorship of trust members included the assessment of the challenges facing the trust as an entity.

This assessment culminates in a Business Skills Mentorship Program and Financial Management Training sustainability of the trust.

ABI Africa is assisting the people of Wonderwater Trust with the following:

  • Maintenance of livestock water points, fences and gates
  • Herd assessment and pregnancy diagnosis by veterinarian /embryologist
  • Vaccinating of the entire herd and testing of the herd for diseases
  • Development of a herd improvement plan
  • Animal selection, purchase, contractual obligation
  • Purchase of highest quality stud cows and bulls
  • Flushing of embryos and In Vitro Fertilization of donor animals
  • Purchase and maintenance of tractors and implements