The Kruisfontein Emerging Cattle Farmers are a group of thirty five informal farmers jointly grazing their cattle on leased commonage ground. The individual members collaborated to form the Kruisfontein Emerging Cattle Farmers.


The Group collectively own approximately 800 cattle which are all grazing on the farm Swartenbosch, approximately 40km from Crossways Farm Village, which is owned by the Congregational Church of South Africa but under the custodianship of the Kouga Municipality.



Project Management

Management of agricultural projects


Design and development programs relevant to rural communities and their resources.

Market Development

National and international market development.

Agribusiness Models

Development & Implementation of agribusiness models.


Agricultural training.


Agricultural Research


ABI aims to make a real and tangible contribution towards the economic empowerment of rural communities in Africa, through agricultural and agribusiness development. Thereby enabling these communities to take their place as major contributors to the rebuilding of Africa.

The vision of The Agribusiness Institute, is to:

  • Uplift emerging farmers both rural subsistent farmers and emerging commercial farmers through the formation of strategic partnerships;
  • Facilitate the development of technical skills and understanding of the livestock sector;
  • Improve farming methods;
  • Improve the quality of livestock in South Africa and Africa

Our specific goal is to concentrate on the emerging livestock farmers, (specifically cattle farmers).

It is our intention to systematically and effectively increase the capital value of these herds through scientific genetic management tools and highly specialized breeding programs.

As a group we consider the potential of adding value to the income generated by cattle farming in the rural areas as one of the greatest potential agents of change in the impoverished areas and possibly one of the most effective weapons against the crippling effects of poverty. This will be achieved by developing value chains for meat produced in these programs.


Our mission is to double the capital value per animal of all cattle farmed by rural, emerging farmers throughout the Eastern Cape, it is our intention to achieve this through corrective breeding and genetic management systems.

It is essential to the success of this venture that strategic partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships are formed between technical specialists such as The Agribusiness Institute, successful national commercial operations, consultants within the relevant sectors, the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform and the emerging farmers of South Africa.